About Clickfuel

Clickfuel is the World’s Reporting Hub

We are the leaders in Marketing Measurement Performance Tools

Launched in 2008, ClickFuel began delivering online marketing services directly to the small-midsize business market. We believe that transparency, accountability and data-driven marketing are the future; coupled with our efforts to enhance our customer facing services, we developed the Fuel Station, a marketing dashboard that supports our advertising clients.  Fast forward to 2010 when interest in the Fuel Station grew to the attention of some major business services outlets. Through the work of an experienced and seasoned executive team that helped Monster.com grow into a global powerhouse, ClickFuel re-tooled the business and strategy to focus on developing the Fuel Station technology and re-entered the market as a technology solution provider. We’ve achieved a number of successes with large business services accounts and media companies who have chosen to use our Fuel Station to fire up their business.

Today, we feel that the world is on the verge of a new period of small business growth and that growth will be fueled by smart usage of data. We consider data to be the new oil and those that understand and leverage it will emerge as the winners in the highly competitive field for SMB marketing dollars. ClickFuel works as an honest broker to foster mutually beneficial outcomes for our white label partners, our partners SMB customer base, and our shareholders. We believe that data driven decisions, defensible insight and real transparency are the path to success. The team at ClickFuel plans to be at the forefront of this wave and we are always looking for partners, customers and employees who share our values of accountability, transparency and clarity and aspire to deliver superior ROI through internet marketing.


What does the fuel station do?

We tie all your marketing vendors together under your brand plus we help you:

  • Differentiate your business, provides a branded, differentiated product and value proposition
  • Offers the ability to provide an integrated suite of services
  • Enhances service transparency for end users

  • Provides high margin, low-touch, monthly recurring revenue
  • Bundle into existing service/management fees or sell as an add-on

  • High customer engagement promotes stickiness
  • Unified view of ROI reduces churn
  • Upselling engine leads to additional product line sales

  • Integrates one view of disparate products
  • Works as a cross-selling platform
  • Creates internal lead generation
  • Lowers administrative/account management expenses

How about Some Fun Facts about Clickfuel?

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